I saw a quote today that resonated deeply: “A strong man is strongest when alone.” – Friedrich Schiller.

This speaks to a theme, one that I touched on in yesterday’s post. In the context of the Impresario, he or she still has a duty to connect to or “seduce” him or herself when not in the presence of an audience, or any others to share the Vision.

I take this quote to mean essentially that what we do when no one is around, when no one is looking, is who we truly are, and what shapes our character. This is an uncomfortable thought for me – and that’s precisely why I’m bringing it to the table.

I’m sure I’m no different than anyone else in not wanting to feel as though my behavior or my values are up for some kind of scrutiny during my alone time. When it’s just me, I like to sleep late and eat cookies.

It’s not as though there is a hidden camera placed by the gods in our rooms – a “Santa Claus” who decides who’s naughty and nice based on the way we conduct our private lives. But if anyone is to hold me accountable for my private life, it must be, well, me.

I like this philosophy because I find it to be a window into the secrets of where exactly we can grow. There’s not a weakness in the armor, no matter how conveniently inaccessible, that won’t be revealed when we’re alone.

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