So much great music out there… You could listen ten lifetimes and still not take it all in. I’m excited to be on the cusp of a dynamic shift in the way people write and listen to music, and jazz in particular. Kind of like being in the ’60s without all the drugs.
I’ve observed that jazz is really the catalyst for the evolution of new music, and I had always predicted this even as a naive college student. This is because , being an improvisational art form, jazz has no boundaries and hence can push them constantly. And incorporate virtually every genre in the process.
So, as 2016 begins, I find myself pulled back towards what I always knew, which is that as the boundaries get harder and harder to distinguish, musicians can grow in ways that they never could before, and the new stuff is always just on the other side.
And it’s more than just music that’s evolving.. It’s us too. But that’s a whole other conversation…

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