Hello again, scaliwags and debonair artist-types, vagabonds and vagrants, raconteurs and wanderlusters.

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Life has a way of shuffling priorities. The event that prompted me to return to this platform and rekindle the flames of web logging was a performance I delivered last night at The Building, a notorious Nashville venue that some of you may recall I’ve raved about in the past.

The Building is indeed a one-of-a-kind melting pot, a friendly creative “club house” where artists and musicians can gather and share their work over an alcoholic beverage – brought by themselves, as per the “BYOB” policy. Although this artist no longer drinks alcohol, I rarely miss a Monday, and love to be part of the energy that resonates from within the phenomenon known as “Open Road Mondays.”

I was thrilled when David Oakleaf asked me to prepare a full set for last Monday’s “Open Road Monday.” Although the storm of the century was just beginning to roll into Nashville, and the alley was covered with a thin stream of rainwater, the gathering who did brave the storm was a delightful one, and I was received well.

For those of you who were not able to be there, I’ve included the full show herein. Pardon the poor video quality. This was my first upload of a long video, and I used a free application called Video Monkey to encode it, thinking this may help size it down a bit. This may have been a bad idea. Oh, well. Here it is.

And there you have it! First full solo set at a Nashville venue. By the way, the drummer on the last three songs is Sam Wiseman, a fine drummer and fellow native West Virginian whom I’d met at The Building the week before. He learned those songs that afternoon, about four hours before the performance.

That’s all for now! Keep checking in, as I’ll be sure to be posting more updates and videos as my performances become more frequent. Stay warm and dry, and Happy Halloween!

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