Since the last blog was a bit cryptic, I felt compelled to write another one explaining circumstances a little more. Since so much has gone down in the last eight days, I won’t waste much time.

Here’s the condensed version:

On August 17, I went down to Nashville to perform a couple of original songs at a Commodore Writers Round. The night went well and was a great experience.

That night, I was joined by a good friend. We split a motel room, having planned on camping out together for a week or two as soon as we could find a free campsite. A free campsite we found two days later: Meriwether Lewis State Park, a beautiful place in Hohenwald, TN, in Lewis County about an hour and a half from Nashville, near the Natchez Trace. We stayed there for a grand total of three days, not the least of which was spent trapsing back and forth to and from Wal-Mart for necessary materials. (Even before camping, we had purchased and returned four separate mini refrigerators for the purpose of freezing ice packs for my still-healing foot.)

The third night camping, I got wind of a letter declaring that my driver’s license is suspended. Heeding the advice of my friend, I threw all of the camping gear back into my car and hit the road for home.

Turns out that the letter was simply an administrative printoff that should have been sent months ago, around the time of my hearing on February 18 (if you’ve been following me, you’ll know the events leading up to this). My driver’s license is still effective, provided I get it restricted in the next 14 days.

Phew! That was probably more than you wanted to know. It seems that a warp in the space-time continuum propels me back to West Virginia each time I head back to Nashville before my karma is sufficiently worked out.

More on this odd self-correcting conundrum and why I am the single most “willy nilly” person I know ever, later.

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