Wow, this is my first blog in, like, over a week. Inexcusable.

I’m sure if you’ve followed my goings-on via Facebook, you’ve learned of the recent unfortunate event that has left me temporarily not able to walk, and also back in the old West Virginia hometown house to recoup. And so it is.

I do not, however, anticipate my stay to be long, as I am all too familiar with Nashville’s magnet-like ability to pull me back after some strange circumstances force me away – again, only temporarily.

Actually, I see this time here, back in my stomping grounds, as time that I will use well to my advantage, to grow, write, and – well, mostly write. Oh, and record. As it turns out, my little brother, Thomas, happens to be something of a producer in his own write, and as long as I delegate to him, seems to be able to hold my hand through the process of home recording, one that I’ve up until now avoided like the plague.

But, as Nashville producer and engineer Chad Fowler (who actually got it from one his past attorneys) told me, “He who has the content, has the power.” So it’s a deed that has to be done. I’ve made it a goal: create 30-60 work tapes by Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014.

I hope you can all hold me accountable for this goal that I’ve set for myself. And if you can’t, don’t worry, I’m sure my wallet will. Feel free to shoot me a motivational and/or tough love message: “Get on yo shit!” or something of the sort.

I’m thinking of posting each work tape up on a new page on this website, to be offered for your listening pleasure or as an actual place where it can be. As always, comments, suggestions, critiques, outbursts, and other kinds of remarks are welcome, and encouraged.

In the meantime, here’s a song. Thanks to Robert LaSalle, my cowrite on this one. He made me sound good.

Until next time… Happy Sunday.


Image source:, [Accessed June 22, 2014]


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