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Before the Downbeat

ImageAs musicians, we’ve heard it like a mantra. Go practice! Practice, practice, PRACTICE! There is even guilt associated with it, as in: “I haven’t practiced enough,” or “you violinists need to go practice this passage!” There is even a famous joke about a man who approaches Heifetz (or some other famous musician) and asks:

“How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

Answer: “Practice, practice, practice!”

What is the purpose of all this repetition? Are we really training ourselves to be like sideshow monkeys, or is there more we should be aware of in our practice, perhaps a more meaningful way towards results?

“Repetitiveness and dullness are intimately connected. Stuck in repetitive patterns, you lose your intelligence” – Sadhguru

We can easily become slaves to repetition. The dull, ceaseless continuance becomes our song of servitude, rather than a transformative mantra. Without awareness, change, and a sense of fun, our training might…

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