As promised, today’s post will continue the “balance” theme.

Monday’s post, “Why Time Management Is A Waste Of Time,” was my thoughts on how any attempt at time management, another way of saying “finding balance in one’s life,” is pointless without a clear sense of one’s values, what one wants in life. The title may have been a bit misleading, but I thought it had a nice ring to it.

Today, I want to clarify that I am not against managing time, creating schedules, or being savvy, in any way. In fact, I am all about time management. That’s why I’ve chosen to write about it. It’s a big topic for me, as well as a challenge. I’ve touched on it before in posts like “A Day In The Life Of A Budding Musician-Entrepreneur: A Rant.”

Here’s the only issue: soon after posting the last entry, it hit me that I am really no authority to write about or speak on the topic of time management whatsoever, because I am so poor at it.

So, rather than explore it, allow me to simply say that the Universe is in a constant state of flux, and things happen, good and bad, on a continuous and ever-changing basis. I don’t have any real hard evidence, but I do have a good gut feeling that the Universe is constantly seeking equilibrium, or balance, and that despite our efforts, or maybe because of them, balance is eventually achieved, only to be toppled again by uncontrollable forces such as gravity or nature or what have you, which of course are only themselves part of the whole Universal process. And thus, the cycle.

In the meantime, there’s shit I can control, and shit I can’t, and I guess I can only worry about the shit I can control and let the Universe, or God, or Fate, or whomever or whatever you’d prefer to call it, do the rest.

And that’s all I feel qualified to say on the topic for now.

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