I write to you from the sunny shores of Pensacola, Florida, where we’ve been enjoying Bud Lights, oysters, and sunburns!

Tonight, David Oakleaf and the Open Road will be playing at Flora-bama, which I understand is a town somewhere on the border of Florida and Alabama. Actually, according to Wikipedia, it’s a bar. Either way, we’re excited to bring some Nashville sounds further south.

I also just learned that today was the Kentucky Derby. Which shouldn’t have caught me by surprise, but it did. So, as the Derby Party ensues in Louisville, there will be another sort of party tonight at the Flora-bama Oyster Bar.

Since we arrived here last night, we’ve experienced unconditional hospitality, wonderful homemade food, beautiful blue saltwater, and enormous oysters. A mini-vacation, if you will.

Tonight’s show will hopefully represent our gratitude. It’s really something to be hanging out in Tennessee one minute, and then sitting on the sandy Gulf of Mexico the next. But the variety indeed comes with the territory, and makes me happy to be a musician.

Surf’s up!

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