Pre-Preface: I’m about to repost this blog. It’s 9:05 in the morning on Thursday, March 6. I posted it last night, only to find that I had not included a header. Oops. The following preface was written last night just before posting.

Preface: It is 11:41 pm as I finish this post. I really should have finished and posted it more than 12 hours ago, and this directly has to do with the topic, which is really managing time. I really do apologize for not posting this this morning, as I promised. Obviously, the steps outlined below are of the utmost importance for my future accountability!

In my Monday post, I said that I would list some ways I would balance networking with everything else in my life. Here they are, in no particular order:

1) Not drink or smoke cigarettes for six weeks, starting today. This should ensure that I get to bed on time and use those five-minute pockets for five-minute tasks.

2) Only go out for no more than an hour or two at a time. Be smart with how I make connections, and with whom I make them.

3) Have a clear idea of what I need to accomplish the next day, the night before.

4) Always be conscious of each and every decision I make, as they all tie elaborately into each and every other decision I make.

5) Go out with the primary goal of helping people be more successful! The more I help others be successful, however I can, the more success I will have myself.

That’s about it. For me, these goals are good to implement what I seek to accomplish in connection-making.

Interestingly enough, they all involve austerity on some level.

What are some ways that you intend to manage that fine line between sociopathy and social excess?

One thought on “Pierson’s Six-Week Networking Goals

  1. Good goals, all except the last one. I’m not saying you shouldn’t help others, but you can get mired in others’ needs to the point where you ignore your own. Helping others should definitely be a goal, but not a primary one. You have to come first.

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