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You’re tired. You’re hungry. You’re not in the mood to do anything except eat and sleep. You just got home from a long day at work. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you’re a musician. You haven’t had a chance to practice yet because you’ve been catching up on unpaid bills and other loose ends. There’s an event you need to attend tonight because of the indispensable networking opportunities and the chance to showcase your hard work. And you… still need to write a blog post?

Michael Hyatt, author of Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World, writes that three to four blog posts a week is ideal for a functioning platform. Let me repeat that: three to four blog posts a week. He says frequency is the key to traffic. For those of us with full time jobs, projects of our own, families…

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One thought on “A Day In The Life Of A “Budding Musician-Entrepreneur”: A Rant

  1. Here are my suggestions:

    You could use Hootsuite or something similar that will let you frontload and schedule all tweets, blogs, etc ahead of time. Then use sat morning to write all posts for the whole week or even the month ahead. This relieves pressure from making it an everyday routine.

    You could find a live-in buddy or girlfriend who will help you with managing stuff. Doubling up on income will likely allow you to work less and also not have to cook a meal here and there. Also its good to get an objective opinion on general life / career decisions and ears for new material. If that’s not realistic, you could always “get an intern”. Find a college kid that needs some credit working with a professional musician. They can write blog posts and manage social media while you share secrets with them about the ins and outs of various lessons you’ve learned as a pro.

    Practice smarter, not longer, setting specific goals you can attain in a week or month. Goal-oriented practice is far more valuable than time-oriented. Also practice in your head while driving those highways and on your desk when you’re at work. Mental practice is absolutely as good as physical and can be done in stupid places like waiting in line at the grocery store. Visualize the music, just like pro ball players practice visualizing swooshing that 3 pointer.

    Let the net amplify what you already do. You are not a slave to the net, you are in control. Don’t let it vampire your energy.

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