So, it’s been over TWO MONTHS since my last post!

And right after I said I was going to start writing more. But who’s counting, right?

Here we go again: Why am I just now writing a new blog after another lengthy pause? Why did I trail off right after I appeared to be excited about pumping out more posts? The answers to these questions are blowing in the wind. Just kidding.

First off, I got excited about blogging again because I’ve been listening to so many BSL and Good Life Project podcasts, being inspired by each and every one, and realizing that each and every entrepreneur, creative professional, and business-minded artist they interviewed HAD A BLOG. In fact, their blog was the main point of focus in their introduction. EVEN BEFORE their businesses. And many of them openly attested to the sole reason for their entrepreneurial enterprises taking off was the success of their blog. So, guess who was reminded of the blog he’s been neglecting?

This time, I’d like to take this blog in a different direction. Since I’m not recording or performing much these days, I’d like to make this blog be more personal and philosophical. I’d like to have sources that include but are not limited to: past writings and essays of mine, new writings, thoughts on music in general, thoughts on creative expression, rants and raves, and links to other people’s blogs and podcasts and projects. A word of warning: some of this material may be rather controversial, off-color, and downright irreverent. But hey, if you disagree, you can always unsubscribe! I want to write more from my own perspective, and I hope to find readers who can really resonate with that and read my blog because…well, they like reading it! This may be a bit risky as I am aware that my following is still very small, but I’ve never played too much on the safe side anyway and I’m really looking forward to the responses that may come up, good and bad.

Since my last post, so much has happened, and so many discoveries have been made. I want to share them ALL, and it can be challenging to find the time to do so. I hope this blog can be the first of many more, in a new vein of transparency and creative writing. What I mean by creative writing is writing about whatever happens to be on my mind that day or that week. It may relate to music, or it may not. I’m at a time in my life where music is simply not at the forefront, at least not in the way I’ve presented in the past. But I’m owning that. In fact, I think that it’s awesome. Why? Because now I have more room to explore other things in my life and to share them with yours – in a creative light! And, call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that’s actually going to help the music.

The plan is to come out with one of these a week. I may miss one here or there, and I’ll try to make up for it, but if I don’t I won’t cry. The posts could be about some inspiring breakthroughs I’ve had, some personal thoughts that are not inspiring but still worthy of sharing, or simply a suggestion to listen to some song or album. Another idea was to have a series called “Pierson Keating: The Untold Story” and share some stories from past adventures in my life up till now.

If I’ve kept your attention this long, then great. That means you’re (hopefully) as excited as I am about the new direction this blog is taking.

Until next week,


Post Scriptum

I know I always talk about the Good Life Project, but Jonathan Fields really has some seriously inspiring interviews. Check out these two. The first with Jeff Goins, a Nashville cat who overcame an aimless life through giving and writing, and the second with Tommy Bahler, a well-respected composer/arranger who worked closely with Quincy Jones and who composed the beautiful ballad (sung by Michael Jackson) She’s Out Of My Life. Listen and be inspired! Oh, and Happy New Year!

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