Hi friends,

Things have really been eventful lately,  with long-winded road trips to far-off podunk towns, far-off not-so-podunk towns, and a second Dueling Piano tour in the good ol’ Home State to wind it off! In fact, so much zig-zagging his been done in the past three weeks that I’ve barely had time to sit down and write a new blog. This is the first time in a minute I’ve been able to sit down and compose anything. Still, I’ll have to keep today’s entry short!

First of all, if you’re reading, I want to THANK YOU for being so cool. Your very act of reading these words is giving strength to this blog and therefore strength to me and my creative efforts. I wish I could find the time to connect with each of you and bake you a cake. Until the physical manifestation of my gratitude, for now, please be content with THANKS! YOU ARE AWESOME!

 To those same people (you), I also wish to say SORRY for the laps of time since my last blog. I really am trying to get better about keeping up with this blog, no matter the traffic. The same principle goes for other areas in my life. Being present to everything, addressing it one by one, letting nothing go by the wayside is a constant balancing act. And of course, there’s the music. So, if you actually have been keeping up and were wondering where I went, or even if you didn’t notice, I will do my best to be more vigilant and consistent with my blog and my email list from now on!

As far as the music goes, I have been on a temporary writing hiatus with all of the traveling. Recording, at the moment, does not appear to be a possibility. That’s OK – I’d really like to focus on what matters right now, and that’s the writing. Since my first album effort did not pan out, so much time has gone by with so few songs! It’s time to get back into the mud of songwriting! I’ve been out of the game too long.

Once again, thank you so much for your support if you are a reader. If you’re not, subscribe if you like. I know this was an extra-short post, but I will be checking back in again and again with more and more updates, specifically as to what sorts of changes and cool things are happening both in my life and with my music!




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