Well, hello!

So, I’m about to play a Dueling Piano show at Mount Aloysius College in Crescent, PA. I’m here with the great Brandon Kent, who, if you’ve followed past blogs, is the creator of our piano show setup. Here’s a pic from Niagara University:

Our setup for Niagara University
Our setup for Niagara University

That show was a blast. It happened last night for about 300 people starting out. It was great to play for the “Parent Weekend,” an event that seems to be popular for most colleges and universities around this time of year. Brandon’s non-discreet sound system, including four 10-inch QSCs and a 1000-watt subwoofer that will fill even the largest of rooms, blasted through the Rec Center as we blasted through hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, with some Scott Joplin for good measure. Here’s a video of me doing “Joy To The World.” I forgot the lyrics to the fourth verse (is there even a fourth verse?), but it was still fun(ny) and worth posting!

The night before, we played at Niagara Community College, which is just down the road from NU. The girls who made sure we were booked there had tracked us down at the APCA conference in Atlanta last March! They had known us from a show we played at NCCC this time last year. Building a track record! 🙂

Through the weekend, we’ve enjoyed the time of the season where the leaves are just starting to turn. Really beautiful up in this part of the country at this time of year!

Like I said, about to play a show up here in PA for the students of Mount Aloysius. Hoping to make some people smile for our last show before heading back down south. As fun as it’s been, can’t wait to get back home to Nashville and start writing, recording, and performing some songs – both solo and with Forum.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for checking in!





It sure is great to be doing something that seems to make people so happy. While it may not be my “be-all, end-all” dream, it sure is a good stepping stone. I’m very thankful to be able to travel the country and put a smile on people’s faces, even if I’m not yet touring with my own original music. But that time will come!

For the Post Scriptum, I thought I’d include a video of one of my favorite artists, Jamie Cullum, playing a song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately, “London Skies.” This song is so beautiful to me – it just reminds me of the cool breeze and chill vibe that autumn has, especially early autumn. Loved this song since I first heard it, and I’m sure you will too! (And dig the way he teaches the audience how to sing the backup parts! And even though he forgets the words, he’s still awesome…haha.)


I’ve been pretty active on Instagram, posting photos up there as often as I can (that’s where all the above went!). If you’re not already, follow me here:


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