hey friends,

i’ve been pretty lazy about keeping up with the blog (i think my last entry was written in mid-February), but to really keep you all up to date on everything that’s gone on since the last entry would result in a massive narrative which i wouldn’t have time to write and which you probably wouldn’t want to read… so, i’m just going to recount the major events that have just recently happened, in a “short and sweet blurb” form! here goes…

first and foremost – i’ve been absorbed in preparing for my kickstarter campaign for my debut album… this is a HUGE project, as anyone who has administered or been involved in kickstarter knows, and is as challenging as it is exhilarating… i had originally planned to launch it last friday, but since i overlooked the whole account verification process (oops) i had to push it back a week or so and will be launching the kickstarter tomorrow, april 6, 2013, i look forward to doing so with much anticipation and more than a little nervousness… for those of you who don’t know, kickstarter is an online funding platform for creative projects of all types… i am trying to raise a little under $7500 for my debut and so i’ve been doing my best to spread the word via youtube and word of mouth… i’ve had some friends had their own albums funded through kickstarter (check out noah barker who just completed his debut album with his group noise new york, entitled “you are here“) and so i’m excited to see my project be yet another one to fall under the kickstarter tent… please leave your email if you wish to be on the email list and i will send out the official link as soon as i launch the campaign tomorrow morning…

motherlodge is a live arts exchange that takes place in nyc in august and louisville in march… motherlodge 2013 just happened last week and i was honored to be a part of it… this was the first year i’ve gotten to experience the role of being behind the scenes for such an awesome event… i had loved the concept of louisville and new york artists intermingling since i first checked out the festival last year… this year i got to work with ray rizzo (founder) and long-time friend and bandmate aaron latos as a performing artist and an occasional extra pair of hands, opening for singer-songwriter extraordinare corn mo (you may have heard him on ben folds’ supersunnyspeedgraphic lp) on thursday and then leading a fantastic sing along to the music of andrew lloyd weber’s great rock opera, jesus christ superstar (also accompanied by ray, aaron, and the beautiful and talented laura ellis)… both performances took place at the beloved venue the rudyard kipling, the actual mother lodge… finally culminating in an uproarious live band karaoke jam at haymarket whiskey bar on sunday… whew! that was fun, can’t wait to be a part of it again next year…

maxwellsounds is a musical and social organization of louisville begun by local promoter maxwell mitchell… the whole focus is to present the world of music and art in a social context, a highly relevant concept… i was lucky enough to be named artist of the week by mr. mitchell and to play a short set for their event last wednesday night at prince hookah lounge on 4th and hill in my neighborhood of old louisville, which featured music as well as  poetry… it was great to play with drummer austin skarshaug for some new faces and to be part of such a cool event… as well as to get some new names on the mailing list!

today, being the day before the kickstarter launch, is certainly a big day, so i must be off… lots of online work to do… but thank you so much for reading, and please continue to check back for updates on the kickstarter, the album, and my other projects! that’s all for now!


talk soon,


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