it’s cool how sometimes things just fall into place…i first met shawn pierson when i was looking for someone to help me with some posters for my senior jazz recital at uofl…then one day, out of the blue, he reached out to me to see if my band would like to showcase at the new diamond’s pub and billiards concert hall on barrett ave…naturally, i said we’d love to…

then last night during our final rehearsal before the show, shawn called me in an excited state to let me know that the broadway cast of a new musical, million dollar quartet, is going to be attending and performing at tonight’s event, and that he would like our band to accompany them if it’s ok with us…being my usual spontaneous self, i brought the idea to the band and they all seemed open to trying something new and exciting…so it looks like our band will also be accompanying some very talented actors tonight!

the showcases and mdq performance tonight are all hosted by a great group, louisville arts live, whose focus is to bring art collaboration into the community…reflecting this goal, they are having some visual art workshops and lessons in addition to the music tonight…if you’re reading this blog, you should definitely come out in about an hour and participate in a very cool community event, and hear some great music while you’re at it…the band is very excited to share what we’ve been working on with everybody and to be a part of the collaborative efforts tonight…

just in case you are wondering, here’s who’s also on the bill:

Performing Artists & Art Showcases:
7:30 Steve-O Shephard
8:00pm Soul River Brown Foundation Band
9:00pm Jon Morgan
9:30pm- Pierson Keating Band
10:45pm- Jordan Price

so there’s the scoop…hope to see you all out tonight!


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