Nov pt 1: Pierson Keating/Motherlodge/Hurricane Sandy

First, before anything else! If you’re in Louisville this weekend, two gigs I gotta plug: first, myself and Pierson Keating at the Rudyard Kipling tonight (sat, nov 11). He and I have played together for years and in so many contexts, but duos are always especially fun, and we’ll be doing an off-the cuff set of whatever we feel like. It’ll be groovy.

Next, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville is hosting a fundraiser for spring Motherlodge 2013 on Sunday evening! As always, there’s going to be music, visual arts, theatre, laughs, and a pretty awesome experience. If you’re free, I can’t recommend it highly enough. for the full details, yo.

But why am I in Louisville, you may ask? Well, you probably didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway: rehearsing with Pierson to record his first full album at Shangri La in Lexington, KY next week. Pretty excited about this one. We’ve been playing some of this music together nearly as long as I’ve known P, and I really think Shangri La is the going to be perfect environment to capture this stuff. Piano rock in the Elton John/Ben Folds sorta tradition, but not. Dig? It’ll be groovy.

I love Louisville. I feel deeply at home here, and I always look forward to returning for a few days or even just passing trough on tour, but this particular visit is tempered by the recent impact of Hurricane Sandy. You’ve probably seen the news, but in person, the damage is even more surreal, and I haven’t even seen some of the worst of it with my own eyes. Right now, part of me wants nothing more than to be back in NY, doing… something, anything, to help with the cleanup and rebuilding that must happen. And quite unfortunately, much will remain to be done for a long time after I return.

One friend of mine, one of the most knowledgeable instrument builders and repairman I know, had his entire work space and tools destroyed. Some friends of friends had their entire recording studio, built by sweat and hard work over the past few years (and moved into a brand new space this year) wiped out: 100% loss. Too many homes to count have been damaged or destroyed in every borough. Others have lost even more: friends, family, parents, children.

As I get back and find how I can help, I’ll try to share what I can. For right now, in addition to the Red Cross, I can wholehearted suggesting these folks out: Occupy Sandy Relief, Started by a number of people invoked in OWS, OSR has turned into one of the most practical, pragmatic, and successfully coordinated local, community-driven disaster relief efforts I can think of. Those guys and gals are getting stuff done in the most hands on, pragmatic, unselfish way. They’re primarily set up to accept assistance in the hands on/dropped off donation capacity, so of you’re in the region and want to help, check them out. If you’re not, and can spare even $5, is the place to go.

Best energies,

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