hello all!

it’s been an eventful while since i posted my last entry. first things first…i am really excited about kicking off my first recording sessions for the debut album with a free concert at louisville’s famed music venue the rudyard kipling with great friend and percussionist aaron latos. the show is sure to be an awesome time…we will be playing some of our own personal favorites, a bit of jazz and/or improvisational music, and, if you listen carefully, maybe even some selections from the upcoming album! of course we will also be taking requests. and the best part is, everyone in attendance will receive a free single from the album directly to their email address. this is certainly not an event to be missed!

i look forward to seeing everyone out there this saturday at 9 pm at the rudyard kipling. if you are reading this and you’d like to officially rsvp, check out the facebook event posted on my facebook profile…see everyone saturday!


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