well, friends, it seems that the time for another entry has come…i had been feverishly trapsing around both the east coast and the state of kentucky throughout the whole month of september…now i’m finally at a welcome resting point as I sit on the patio of good friend and mentor don merrick and we conjunctively work on our respective websites…his being duelpianos.com, an online database for dueling pianos which provides not only a network for dueling piano players around the globe, but an intuitive booking system that allows both agents and players to manage their gigs and calendars…

…returned last sunday evening from a nine-day long tour with fellow dueling piano player brandon kent…the tour was a business excursion consisting of one to two-hour long shows for various community colleges in the upper east coast, starting in bridgewater, va, continuing throughout small towns in new england and culminating in dallas pa’s very catholic university, misericordia…the whole tour was a jumble of road wars, comfort inns, setting up and breaking down heavy gear, energetic performances, and old and new friends, with a bit of north adams bluegrass festival thrown in, and was all in all a grand time…

now anticipating the new changes to be soon taking place at the former penguin piano bar in lexington, ky…the new club, paulie’s something or other (name keeps escaping me) will be boasting a new wood floor, sound system, stage and live music every week, including live jazz on thursdays provided by yours truly :)…us regulars are all hoping to contribute our own respective efforts to make the new club a successful one for both us and its diverse clientele…also, expect to hear word of the pierson keating band and trio performing there soon on a hopefully regular basis…more on that to follow…

that’s all for now, thanks for reading and i’ll be talking to you soon…


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