Have you ever spent the day just waiting for a planned event? This is more or less the manner in which I am spending today, a sunny Saturday in July in Charleston; sitting in the “music room” of my host, Dugan Carter, a popular Charleston saxophonist and leader of the local jazz blues group Full Flavor. I am here to sub for the group’s chill keyboardist David Loyd, who is in D.C. as I type this, engaging in who knows what.

Actually, I can’t complain, not many evenings are as relaxing as sitting on a couch listening to Hank Mobley and typing on a brand new MacBook whose wireless port is the very reason I am able to blog right now. That’s right, friends–free wireless Internet. Good times, good times.
This is my final big hit of the summer, I guess you could say–before I go off to Bethany Beach for a week or so, one of those commercialized beach towns with arcades and . . . well . . . beaches. After which I will be in Buckhannon for two short days–Monday and Tuesday–for last-minute packing purposes; then hitting that well-traveled Interstate 79 to good ol’ Motown where I will be shacking in with Anthony for about 9 days, and finally moving into Lincoln Hall to settle into my new home at WVU. Yes, the long summer is finally wrapping up and things are starting to happen.
But as I sit on Dugan’s couch and type this, in a sort of no-man’s-land, that period of time right before college when the days are slowest and you actually wish the summer were over already, I can’t help but admit to a certain degree of boredom and all I really want to do is play the gig tonight.
9:00 tonight (Sat., July 26) 7:00 tomorrow (Sun.), Cafe de Paris, Charleston, WV: Full Flavor, featuring Dugan Carter on tenor saxophone, a couple guys I have yet to meet, and yours truly on keyboard(s).
See you around.

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